Live Production & Recording

Livestream your program, gathering, church service, or conference on a public platform such as YouTube or Facebook, or on your private server. All in 4K (UHD)!

6K Studio Camera

Cinedome has five Blackmagic Studio Cameras with a 6K sensor. These cameras are designed for live production and feature the dynamic range and color science of digital film cameras. This allows the cameras to produce cinematic-looking images even in extremely challenging lighting conditions.

The cameras are equipped with a tally system, which indicates which camera is on air. They are also capable of recording 6K Raw footage onto external SSD drive.

Cine-Servo Lenses

Our premium Cine-Servo lenses, specifically the Canon CN-E 18-80mm & 70-200, capture your production in crystal-clear detail.

These lenses are designed for video production, minimizing focus breathing and providing a round, smooth bokeh effect.

Tripod, Focus & Zoom

With our Cartoni Focus 8 tripods, you can expect smooth footage. These tripods feature 2 pan handles, where the focus and zoom grips are attached.

This allows the cameraman to focus the lenses and ensure perfect framing.


Communication is crucial. Each camera is equipped with a headset connected to the control room.

This means the director can communicate with the camera operators to guide shot selection, ensuring that every image meets your expectations.

Crane Camera

Our Proaim 10′ Wave-2 jib provides your production with smooth, cinematic footage. The telescopic arm is adjustable in length from 1.8 to 3 meters. Attached to the arm is a motorized 3-axis head for pan, tilt, and roll movements.

There are various setups available. The tripod can be mounted on a spreader, wheels, or an adjustable rail system up to 3.6 meters in length.

ATEM Television Studio 4K8

All video and audio converge in the professional 4K live production switcher. The panel integrates a complete television studio with features including hardware streaming, recording capabilities, an audio mixer, and talkback functionality.

8 12G-SDI Inputs

The 8 SDI inputs are more than sufficient for bringing in additional sources alongside the five cameras, such as an external guest or your presentation. With our converters, you can easily connect your laptop via HDMI.

Each SDI input has its own standard converter, ensuring that every 720 HD, 1080 HD, or 2160 Ultra HD input source is converted to the switcher’s standard.

3 Switched Outputs

During conferences or concerts, if you have a projector or LED screen, utilize one or two separately switched outputs. These outputs allow you to display a different image than what is visible in the broadcast. For example, the audience in the venue can see the presentation while the broadcast shows the speaker.

One of the aux outputs also includes an on-screen tally for presentation monitoring.

Digital Video Effects

Graphic elements like titles and animations are processed in real-time. You can merge two or more screens, such as your speaker, presentation, and background, or your external guest with your host.

The production mixer features 4 Chroma Keyers for green or blue screens, as well as for animations or titles with a green or blue background.

Fairlight Audio Mixer

The audio mixer accommodates enough channels for all SDI inputs, as well as additional channels for XLR, RCA, and MADI inputs. These inputs allow you to add sound from external sources such as your laptop, venue mix, or standalone mix to the broadcast.

Each input channel includes a 6-band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, and noise gate.

Present like a Pro

With our ProPresenter 7 license, you can seamlessly display lyrics, slides, and other media in your broadcast and on various screens in the venue. The software allows for different combinations of content on each screen and in the broadcast, including a separate display for the stage.

For relevant graphics, we also have a ProContent license.

For more information on the extensive capabilities, please visit the ProPresenter website by RenewedVision.